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Top 10 Best Rooster Breeds for Your Backyard Flock

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Not everyone wants roosters. You can get a lot of fulfillment and plenty of delicious eggs from raising only hens and a lot of suburban areas have restrictions on roosters to keep the neighbors happy. It can be against the law to keep and raise roosters in your backyard flock.

Chicken owners regularly discover that those baby chicks they thought were hens were, in fact, roosters, and they have to come up with some way to rehome them. It can be frustrating when you’ve spent all that time and effort on them when they were young.

Hopefully, you’re here looking for roosters because it’s something you want. They’re allowed where you live and you’re interested in having some baby chickens around!

Here are 10 of the best rooster breeds for your backyard flock.

Everyone Appreciates a Quiet Rooster

Yes, certain chicken breeds are quieter than others. It’s an important characteristic to have if you’re living close to neighbors or you don’t want to wake up before the sun makes its appearance.

Not everyone loves a rooster crowing over and over again each day.

Cochin Chickens

White bantam cochin hen in coop

Cochin chickens originally came from China in the late 19th century. They have soft plumage and feathers all the way down to their feet. This makes them ideal for backyard flocks in colder areas.

They are usually relaxed roosters that won’t make too much fuss around humans or other birds.


Ameraucana chicken inside cage

Ameraucana roosters are typically docile creatures who will only make a fuss if they feel threatened or unnecessarily confined. To prevent them from making a lot of noise, you should give them plenty of time out in your yard where they can roam around and feel comfortable.

This is generally a very friendly breed good for families with small children who want to get in there and lend a hand with the chickens.

Brahma Chickens

Brahma chicken under sunlight standing

These chickens are larger than a lot of other chicken breeds, and roosters can weigh up to 12 pounds. Even though they’re big, they are friendly birds, and Brahma roosters will enjoy when you hold them and won’t mind sharing space with other male birds.

They often have very soft crows that come off as cute rather than annoying.


buff orpington enjoying roaming freely outside

Orpington roosters are usually calm birds, and they’ll love interacting with you and anyone else in your yard. They won’t feel threatened and start crowing or flapping their wings in distress.

They grow to an average size of 10 pounds, and they do well in a diverse set of climate conditions.


black Australorps chicken walking in hay of straw

Australorp chickens are a farmer favorite because they’re docile birds that produce a lot of eggs. They’re gentle animals that will follow humans around and enjoy when you hold them.

They’re also a very quiet breed, which is a bonus for anyone in urban or suburban areas who are worried about roosters crowing.

When You Want a Rooster in Charge

Having the right rooster can make managing your backyard flock a whole lot easier. With a rooster in charge, you’ll likely have to deal with much less in the way of chicken fights, and everyone will take their place in the pecking order.

A good rooster will also look out for all of your other chickens, and bring them back when one strays too far or looks like it’s getting itself in danger.

Ideally, your rooster will be just as aggressive as it needs to be with the other birds but will be relaxed around humans. Here are some chill roosters for your consideration.


Langshan rooster standing in the farm

Langshan roosters are relaxed birds that keep a vigilant watch over the flock. You can count on them to raise the alarm anytime something threatening comes near. If a fox, coyote, or a menacing dog comes around, they’ll let you know.

They love to move around and will help you get rid of a lot of the bugs in your yard. They’re also usually pretty cool characters around humans. It’s rare to see an aggressive rooster in this breed.


adult silkie chicken seen running towards the camera

Silkie roosters are a great addition to any backyard flock because they look so cool and are relaxed birds. They’re known for being friendly and don’t crow a lot. A lot of chicken owners spend hours in their yard with a silkie rooster sitting calmly in their laps.

They can be a bit passive, though, so not really the rooster you want if you need a flock defender.

Sussex Roosters

speckled sussex chicken hen outside in the backyard

Sussex roosters have been around for centuries, and this is a breed that’s well adapted to living in a backyard with a flock of hens around. They’re docile around humans, and Sussex roosters will often eat from your hand if you want.

They are great alarm roosters. They will crow loudly if anything dangerous or unfamiliar comes close. Maybe not the best rooster if your neighbors are right over the fence, but if you’ve got a little space around you, they’re a great choice for a rooster.

Delaware Roosters

white Delaware chicken standing on the grass

Delaware roosters are famous for being gentle birds around humans. They may exhibit some aggressive behavior when stressed, but you can hold them and put them on your lap if you wish.

They are a very watchful rooster and will keep a close eye on your hens and usher them to safety in the face of any perceived threats.

Plymouth Rocks

plymouth rock chicken breed grazing outside

Plymouth rock roosters are sort of like having a sheepdog for your chickens. This diligent rooster will march your hens around the yard and get them back in the coop when it’s time for bed. You never have to worry whether your rooster is doing his job.

This is one of the hardest-working breeds of rooster out there. It’s a dependable choice if you’ve got a large piece of land for your flock and you don’t want to spend a lot of time herding your chickens back toward the coop every day. Plymouth rocks are great around humans and children as well.


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