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15 Beautiful Wyandotte Chicken Colors

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From silver-laced to golden-laced, barred, Columbian, red, white, and buff, there are many color variations of the Wyandotte chicken breed out there.

On the surface, it may appear as if color is all that is different amongst the variations. But it runs deeper than that. The many beautiful Wyandotte chicken colors have created an attractive diversity that has won the hearts of poultry lovers, especially exhibitioners.

So, what makes the color variations of the Wyandotte chicken special? Well, find out below as we discuss 15 beautiful Wyandotte chicken colors.

Golden Laced wyandotte in the farm

Basic Breed Characteristics of Wyandottes

Before we talk about the Wyandotte chicken colors, here is a brief sum-up of the basic features of the breed:

Wyandotte chickens have rose combs, and this confers some resistance to cold on them.

They are large-sized: hens weigh around 6-7 lbs. while roosters weigh 8-9 lbs.

Wyandotte chickens lay 3-4 large brown or cream-colored eggs per week. In a year, you can expect up to 200 eggs per chicken.

Can You Cross Wyandottes of Different Colors?

You can cross Wyandottes of different colors. The color variation between Wyandotte varieties does not affect interbreeding. But it may affect the eligibility of the chicken for poultry shows; if the color of the offspring is not recognized by the APA, it may not be qualified for exhibitions.

15 Beautiful Wyandotte Chicken Colors

1. Barred

free range barred rock chicken walking in the backyard

Both genders of the Barred Wyandotte variety come with horizontal black and white stripes, or bars, all over their bodies. But the roosters have noticeably larger combs and wattles than the hens.

Like the adults, Barred Wyandotte chicks come with horizontal black and white stripes, but only in a limited area of their bodies. Most of the body of a Barred Wyandotte chick is colored grey and white. But the wings and some part of the chest may be barred.

2. Black

black wyandotte chicken  on the grass field

Both male and female Black Wyandotte chickens come with iridescent all-black plumage. As generally observed amongst Wyandotte chickens, the roosters have larger combs and wattles than the hens.

Black Wyandotte chicks are typically not all-black like the adults. While they are predominantly black, they do have some yellow, grey, or white patches. These spots are common in their chest and abdominal regions.

3. Blue

Blue Wyandotte hens are usually a blue-gray color all over, with some slightly darker plumage close to the head. The roosters have black plumage extending from their head to their backs while the rest of their body is gray-blue.

Blue Wyandotte chicks are predominantly slate blue or greyish. But they may have some yellow, off-white, or white spots around their wings, chest, and face.

4. Blue-Laced Red

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

The Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte chickens are beautiful. They come with red or buff plumage laced with blue at the edges.

The chicks of the Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte variety are pretty distinct from the adults. Also, you might just be able to tell their sex apart from the color of their plumage.

The plumage of Blue-Laced Wyandotte pullets is predominantly yellow, white, or light-yellow. Their feathers may have limited brown/black spots around the head and back.

The Blue-Laced Wyandotte cockerels, on the other hand, are darker than the pullets. Unlike the pullets, the chest region of the cockerels is covered in grey, brown, or grey feathers. Their heads also have considerably darker feathers.

5. Buff

Buff Wyandottes have entirely ginger-orange plumage – both the roosters and the hens.

The chicks have a similar color, but they may be slightly lighter or yellowish.

6. Buff Columbian

The Buff Columbian Wyandottes have black tails and black wing tips like the Columbian Wyandottes. But they are predominantly buff, not white like Columbian Wyandottes.

Buff Columbian Wyandotte chicks are pretty much like the adults. However, their black feathers are not as prominent.

7. Buff-Laced

buff laced wyandotte chicken in white background

Buff-Laced Wyandottes are primarily buff. But the edges of their feathers are laced with white at the edges. Some parts of their posterior body may have mainly white feathers.

Buff Laced Wyandotte chicks are primarily buff or yellowish with some light brown tinges. Unlike the older Buff-Laced Wyandottes, their feathers do not have white edges.

8. Columbian

Columbian Wyandottes are primarily white. However, the tips of their wings and neck feathers are black. This Wyandotte variety also comes with black tails.

Columbian Wyandotte chicks are unlike the older chickens. They have yellow or white plumage with grey or black patches.

9. Golden-Laced

A golden laced Wyandotte chicken walking on grass

Adult Golden-Laced Wyandotte chickens have predominantly gold-colored plumage. The edges of their feathers are lined with black, and their tails are black.

The down of the chicks is, for the most part, grey and brown. But you may find some black patches in there.

10. Mille Fleur

Mille Fleur Chicken on branch of blooming apple tree

The Mille Fleur variety also goes by the name Brown Porcelain. Mille Fleur Wyandottes are primarily dark brown. But the edges of their feathers are laced with black and white bands. From the tip of the feathers, the white strips come before the black ones.

Mille Fleur Wyandotte chicks are black/dark brown and light yellow/white. The back, tail, and the top of their head make up the black/dark brown part of their plumage. Conversely, the chest and abdominal areas are white or light yellow.

11. Partridge

young partridge chicken standing on the table

Partridge Wyandotte hens are primarily buff. But their feathers are penciled with three angled stripes pointing towards the edges.

The roosters are pretty distinct from the hens; they have iridescent black tails and buff head and neck areas. The rest of their bodies may be buff or iridescent black.

The plumage of a Partridge Wyandotte chick is generally light brown. But you may also find some dark brown spots around the head and back.

12. Red

Red Wyandottes are entirely dark red or brown. They are basically Blue-Laced Red Wyandottes without the blue edges.

13. Silver-Laced

Silver laced wyandotte chickens waiting at the front door

Most of the plumage of Silver Laced Wyandottes is white. But the edges are lined with black, and the tails are black.

The chicks typically have varying amounts of grey, off-white, black, and yellow in their plumage.

14. Silver-Penciled

Silver-Penciled Wyandotte hens are basically Partridge Wyandotte hens with silver/white plumage instead of buff.

Silver-Penciled Wyandotte roosters are primarily white. Their wings and tails are black, and they have some black spots here and there.

At about 2-3 weeks, most of the wings and backs of Silver-Penciled chicks are covered with black stripes. But the undercolor of their plumage is typically light yellow, instead of silver or white, like the adults.

15. White

Wyandotte hen in a cage

White Wyandottes are pretty rare – perhaps the rarest color. As with the other solid-color Wyandotte varieties, they are entirely white.

Like the adults, White Wyandotte chicks do not have patterns. Their plumage is typically light yellow to white. Of course, as they mature, their feathers will become pure white.


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