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10 Stunning Yellow Chicken Breeds for Your Backyard Coop

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The choice of the best chicken breeds for your farm can be tasking. Many people narrow their search by picturing brightly-colored and mildly temperamental chickens for their flock. There is perhaps no other breed of chicken that can spice up your backyard coop like the stunning yellow/ gold varieties. This yellow color is called “buff’ in chickens and there are many purebred chicken breeds that come in this color.

Yellow chicken walking on the grass on a sunny day

From their majestic plumage to super productivity, robust buff chickens provide the best fit for farmers looking at raising decent-sized chickens that are remarkably good at laying eggs. They are exceptionally calm, mostly make good mothers and great pets.

For this piece, we highlight our top picks of the yellow chicken breeds that will best suit your livestock farm.

Chicken BreedBody Size (lbs)PurposeEgg ProductionEgg ColorEgg SizeBroody
Buff Cochin8.5 to 11Meat, OrnamentalFairBrownMediumYes
Buff Orpington8 to 10Meat, EggsExcellentBrownLargeYes
Buff Brahma9.5 to 12Meat, OrnamentalGoodBrownMedium/ LargeSometimes
Buff Rock (Plymouth Rock)7.5 to 9.5Meat, EggsGoodBrownLargeYes
Buff Silkie2 to 2.5OrnamentalFairBrownSmallSometimes
Black-Tailed Buff Japanese1.5 to 1.75Eggs, OrnamentalGoodWhiteSmallNo
Buff Easter Egger4.5 to 5.5Eggs, MeatGoodBlueMediumNo
Buff Showgirl Chicken1.8 to 2.5OrnamentalFairBrownSmallYes
Buff Laced Polish4.5 to 6Eggs, OrnamentalGoodWhiteMediumNo
Buff Laced Wyandotte5.5 to 9Meat, OrnamentalGoodBrownMediumNo

10 Amazing Yellow Chicken Breeds

1. Buff Cochin

Cochin (Huhn) Bantam

The Buff Cochin chickens are large Asiatic breeds characterized by an exceptional abundance of fluffy gold feathers from tip to feet and fiery red five-point combs. They have the color of their beaks ranged from yellow to black and are blessed with warm yellow eyes.

Solid Buff Cochins are average egg layers with an annual production of about 180 medium brown eggs. They are used mainly as a source of meat, and their soft cuddly outlook makes it such that they make great pets and show birds.

You’d find that the dense plumage – especially at the feet – does not bode well for them in mud-prone areas, and it makes them susceptible to crawlies such as lice, ticks, and mites. Luckily, they are not drifters. So you can easily keep an eye on them.

2. Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington cockerel enjoying a free range life

The Buff Orpington underpins a unique cultural heritage for its remarkable plumage and exceptional bearing. They are identified by large, robust build with soft yellowish/ golden feathers and pinkish-white feet and beak.

They are mainly known to be docile and overly friendly. As such, you’d often find that they are the most suitable for your backyard setting. Buff Orpington chickens are exceptionally good at egg production, with annual production varying from 200 to 280.

They are broody, and their size makes flight a tad difficult for them. So, you’d find them relatively easy to control.  They are also known as a good meat source if harvested for food purposes.

3. Buff Brahma

Buff Brahma

The Buff Brahma is large Asiatic buff chicken highlighted by its loose-feathery but elegant outlook. This chicken is ranked best for its meat-producing purpose as well as a great show bird due to its gentle disposition.

As with most large birds, the Buff Brahma chickens are not exactly prolific layers – only producing 180 to 200 large brown eggs annually. They are typically winter setters with their all-time high egg production done in the winter.

4. Buff Rock (Plymouth Rock)

Buff Orpington hen eating on cement walkway with her 2 Plymouth Rock hen friends

Robust Buff Rock chickens are adored for their breathtaking appearance and gentle disposition. They are characterized by deep and solid bodies that differentiate them from the traditional Orpington. They have strong yellow beaks that run through their skin to their clean feet.

They are single-combed with excellent cold and heat tolerance. Buff Rocks are an excellent source of meat due to their size and make one of the best layers. They lay up to 200 eggs annually and are very broody. Their great disposition makes them one of the best-ranked show birds of all time.

5. Buff Silkie

Buff Silkie chicken enjoying a fall day

The Buff Silkie chickens are ridiculously small birds that are highlighted by their striking appearance. They have their sizes ranging from 2 to 2.5lbs and makes up the size by a regal muff of feathers covering them from tip to feet.

They have black skin that extends to their beak and feet. Their frame makes them poor meat producers, and egg production is fair – if you rate small brown eggs. They are mostly raised as exhibition pieces, and their hardy quality makes them the best fit for relatively tricky climatic conditions

6. Black-tailed Buff Japanese

Pretty young Japanese Bantam or Chabo chicken, standing facing left

You’d probably like a touch of Japanese history in your growing brood. The black-tailed buff Japanese chicken outlines over 300 years of history in their proud, regal bearing.

This buff chicken breed stands out with a perfectly arched black tail higher than the head, short legs, and angled-down wings.

They are good layers with about 200 white small eggs as their annual production.  They are small-sized, and this makes them poor quality food choices. However, they make great showpieces due to their docility and gentleness.

7. Buff Easter Egger

Easter Egger Chicken

The Buff Easter Egger Chicken exists as one of the most beautiful breeds of the color variety associated with the Easter Egger chicken. They are widely recognized for their laying of stunning speckled or plain blue eggs. They are characterized by golden-hued feathers layered with white.

Easter Eggers are the first breed of yellow chicken on this list that is not actually a purebred. The term “Easter Egger” refers to any part-bred chicken that produces a blue, green or even pink colored egg. They are typically a mix of Ameracauna, Aracauna and other barn yard chicken breeds.

Though relatively small when compared to the family of large breeds, Buff Easter Egger Chickens come in handy as a good source of eggs and excellent meat production. You’d get up to 280 eggs annually in the best conditions.

They are not particularly broody and are very active.  They are hardy and will do well in heat and cold conditions.

8. Buff Showgirl Chicken

The typical Buff Showgirl chicken showcases the characteristics of cross-breeding between a silkie and turken (i.e., a Transylvanian large breed of chicken with no feathers on their necks).

This is another breed that isn’t technically a “purebred” chicken. Showgirls get their unique looks by crossing purebred turkens with purebred silkies.

You’d find this breed with a fluffy build that makes them look remotely like a bag of furs, a feathery crest on the head, and a naked/featherless neck.

They are sought out for ornamental purposes and will make an excellent showpiece for your backyard coop. They have dark skins that run through to the beak and are not mainly an excellent source of meat due to their frame.

They are fair at egg production – only laying 80 to 140 eggs annually. Like silkies, you’d find this breed to be broody.

9. Buff Laced Polish

buff laced polish hen

The Buff Laced Polish chickens are an exceptional breed of chickens distinguished by a regal bearing, carriage, and fluffy crests on their heads. They are small-sized with thick golden-hued feathers laced with white or cream flowing from the crests through the skin.

They are identified by blue feet and could be bearded or non-bearded. Buff Laced Polish chickens are very productive with medium-sized white eggs produced annually. They are not necessarily good as a source of meat and are not broody. They mostly go off on their own.

However, you’d find them docile and friendly. So, they make one of the best ornamental breeds out there.

10. Buff Laced Wyandotte

Buff-laced wyandotte chicken in white background

The Buff Laced Wyandotte is stunning chickens with rich blends of golden and white fluffy plumage. They boast of a rich American heritage that translates to its carriage and build.

This breed is mostly adored for excellent stamina as well as its gigantic size. The average Buff Laced Wyandotte reaches up to 9 pounds in the right conditions.

They are good layers with over 200 annual egg production and are found to be an excellent source of meat. They are friendly and docile, albeit with tendencies of being mildly aggressive when threatened. However, they’d make a great show bird just when needed.

What You Need to Know

Buff Chickens make an excellent choice for farmers and coop owners looking to dive into the world of coops with character. However, deciding which the best is can be tasking. This is why it is essential to understand your needs and highlight which breed will suit your taste.

Luckily, our picks of the best buff chickens out there provide a streamlined but detailed list that could help. So be it a top layer, a good fit for your dining table or a great show set, we’ve got you covered.

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