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36+ Ideas for Naming Your Chicken or Poultry Farm

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Raising chickens and other poultry is an awesome way for farmers to earn an income from their farm, even if on a small scale. It is amazing how many different ways you can earn income from raising chickens and other poultry. I’ve earned income by:

  • Selling hatching eggs to the public as well as elementary schools.
  • Selling baby chicks.
  • Selling eggs for eating (check local regulations)
  • Selling chicken manure (some people swear by it!)
  • Selling young chickens.
  • Selling hens ready to lay.
  • Selling extra rare breed roosters.

As you can see, there are many different ways to turn your chicken loving hobby into a business.

chickens on the field

If you decide chickens are your thing, what should you name your chicken farm? Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Top 10 Poultry Farm Names

  1. Feather Better Farm
  2. Eggcellent Acres
  3. Rhode Island Ranch
  4. Feather Field Farms
  5. Chick Inn Farm
  6. Cluckingham Palace
  7. Cackle Castle
  8. Early Riser Ranch
  9. Rambling Rooster Roost
  10. Hidden Treasure Farm

Choosing A Chicken Farm Name

When you are thinking about names for your chicken or poultry farm, there are a variety of different things you can pull inspiration from. Here are a few I commonly use.

Breeds Raised

The type of birds you raise can help influence your choice in a farm name. Do you raise a mix of rare breed chickens? How about:

  • Rarity Acres
  • Exceedingly Rare Ranch
  • Not Your Average Chicken Farm

If you raise Brahmas, Wyandottes, Jersey giants or any other pure breed chicken, you can name your farm after them.

  • Red Rooster Ranch
  • In The Buff Farms
  • Gold Laced Farm

Type of Chickens or Poultry Raised

While most of the names here are great for naming a chicken farm, you can take that idea and modify it for any type of poultry including:

  • Quail Run Ranch
  • Turkey Trot Farm
  • Guinea Keet Acres
  • Peacock Hill Farm
  • Quail Valley Farm

Products Sold

No matter what type of chickens you sell, maybe you want to focus on a specific type of product. In this case, you can choose a name that focuses on that. Typically you’ll use some kind of prefix like your last name:

  • [Last Name]Egg Farm
  • [Last Name] Hatchery
  • [Last Name] Hatching Eggs

Or maybe you’ll use your farm name as the prefix and then just use the endings as the “label” for the end product that you offer to the public like:

  • Fair Hills Farm Hatching Eggs
  • Briar Patch Lane Fertilized Eggs
  • Sunnyside Up Egg Ranch
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Fun with Chicken Farm Names

One great way of coming up with an excellent name for your farm is to use standard words and mix them up a bit. For chickens and poultry, here are some ways that standard words can be modified to sound more “chickeny.

Ex -> Egg

Any words starting with ex- or sounding like it can be changed to egg-. Here are some examples of what that looks like:

  • Excellent = Eggcellent
  • Excellency = Eggcellency
  • Exciting = Eggciting

-uck -> Cluck

One of my favorite chicken farm names is “Cluckingham Palace”. It is a play on words for “Buckingham Palace” of course. But you can substitute the word “cluck” for just about any word with -uck in it. Here are some examples:

  • Buckingham = Cluckingham
  • Good Luck Farm = Good Cluck Farm
  • Lady Luck = Lady Cluck
  • Buckaroo Farms = Cluckaroo Farms
  • Blue Truck Farm = Blue Cluck Farms

-ack -> Quack

While this is more of a duck thing, you can do something similar with words ending in -ack by converting them to Quack. Here are some examples:

  • Backpack Farms = Quackpack Farms
  • Back 40 Acres = Quack 40 Acres

-ick -> Chick

The word chick is often used to describe young chickens and poultry of many species. In fact, most people understand the word chick better than they do the more formal terms for young poultry. Poult, keet, and peachick aren’t commonly used words. Here are some ways you can convert words that sound like -ick to Chick.

  • Quicksilver Farm = Chicksilver Farm
  • Persnickety Acres = Perchickety Acres


Rhyming is a great way to come up with chicken farm names as well. Of course, you can use the same idea for any type of poultry. Here are a few off the top of my head.

  • The Quack Shack
  • Hitchin Chicken Farm

Final Thoughts

Remember when choosing the name for your chicken or poultry farm that in most cases you don’t want to be too specific. Using breeds in your name or narrowing down to a specific type of poultry can be very restrictive unless you are 100% sure that you’ll never want to branch out into another direction.

Keep in mind that the name you choose can set the first impression for someone. What name you choose can determine what that first impression will be.

A funny name might elicit a smile, a traditional sounding name might indicate a more proper and distinguished business and a punny name might make some laugh but…if too borderline, might not resonate well with others.

Once you have your list of names narrowed down, poll your closest friends and see what they think. Sometimes, they’ll even think of additional name ideas for you to consider!

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