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Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet

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One of the biggest challenges of raising and caring for chickens is keeping them at the right temperature.

If you live somewhere that snows or has a long, cold winter, then your birds could have too much weather-related cold exposure that leads to frostbite and other health problems.

Of course, you want to keep your chickens healthy and happy. That’s how you get beautiful chickens that are in good moods and lay delicious eggs!

You want your chickens to be able to roam about the coop, your yard, or a field without worrying too much about how cold their feet are. If you have a lot of snow and it can get really chilly outside, you should check out chickens with feathered feet.

When most people think about chickens, they don’t envision birds with feathers covering their feet. Chickens with feathered feet are less common than those without, but there are still several different varieties of feather-footed chickens.

People buy and raise these birds because they look unique, lay great eggs, and most are calm and do very well as home pets.

Whether you’re on the farm or in the suburbs, one of these breeds will be a great addition and give you years of great eggs and fun being outside with them.

Feathered feet provide important warmth to the chicken whether they’re out walking around or sleeping in the coop. They’re also adorable and have a very distinctive look that owners love.

You can find a lot of color and pattern variations in these breeds, and they’re a wonderful addition to any flock. Here are some of the most popular feathered-footed chicken brands available.

Today we’ll introduce you to:

  • Mille Fleur Chickens
  • Brahma Chickens
  • Faverolle Chickens
  • Silkies
  • Sultan Chickens
  • French Marans
  • Croad Langshan Chickens
  • Cochin Chickens

1. Mille Fleur Chickens

Mille Fleur Chicken on branch of blooming apple tree

Mille Fleur chickens are also known as Belgian d’Uccle. The name means ‘a thousand flowers’ in French, and is derived from the beautiful pattern that makes these chickens so unique. They come in a wide variety of different colors and some of them look like they are sporting mini beards.

Mille Fleur chickens have heavily-feathered feet that keep them warm and look great. These are often the chickens beginners get because they are easy to take care of and their cool look makes owning them a lot of fun. They’ll do well in a smaller coop, but just know that, because of their small size, you’re getting smaller eggs as well.

These little birds are terrific pets, especially if you’ve got kids because they’re generally friendly and are amenable to being picked up.

2. Brahma Chickens

Brahma chicken roaming on the grass field

Brahma chickens are some of the most hearty chickens out there. They do well in the cold and will lay eggs all winter. Most chicken breeders and owners call Brahmas the all-purpose chicken. These birds don’t need a lot of attention, they’ll be just fine on their own.

They have a very stark look with regal-looking black and gold feathers around their necks and a variety of different yellow and speckled feathers on their lower body. They’re known for their tufts of thick feathers around their feet.

3. Faverolle Chickens

Faverolles chicken on white background

Faverolle is originally a French chicken that was brought to the US years ago. The most common colors are salmon and white, and you’ll get lovely different shades of eggs most of the year. These will be a bit harder to find than some other feathered feet chickens.

Faverolles do well in free-range environments or coop living. These are also popular birds for meat if that’s something you do with your chickens. They make great pets as well and are gentle around people.

4. Silkies

Selective focus shot of a black silkie chicken on a dirty bucket

Silkie chickens have a cult following because people adore their tufted heads. This unique plumage almost makes them look like they come from another planet! These chickens show up in exhibitions a lot. They also have calm demeanors and can handle being held and pettted.

With Silkies, you can count on around three eggs a week. They thrive in close quarters where other chickens live and will even hatch the other birds’ eggs.

5. Sultan Chickens

Sultan chicken eating grass from behind the fence

Sultan chickens hail from Turkey, and their original name means “Sultan’s Fowl”. These birds were traditionally added to royal gardens as a showpiece. The unique, impressive crown of feathers on their heads is what they’re known for, and they’ve got a large tuft of feathers on their feet as well.

Most often, Sultans come in shades of white. They’re a twist on what most people think of when they imagine a traditional chicken. The colors are the same but the feathers come in a different shape.

6. French Maran Chickens

black marans chicken walking in a garden

If you love the look of dark brown eggs, the French Maran chicken should be an addition to your flock! These look like very refined chickens that come in a variety of colors with feathered feet and legs. Usually, you’ll see them in black or darker shades.

One issue with French Marans is that their temperaments can vary widely. Some are very chill and relaxed while others are high-energy and shy away from human interaction. Owning them is a bit of a roll of the dice.

7. Croad Langshan Chickens

black Croad Langshan chickens free range grazing on a lawn

These are great chickens just for the name, but they offer so much more. Hundreds of years ago, a Brit named Major Croad imported them from China. These birds look white and black, but also show an incredible green shade when the sun hits them just right.

Croad Langshan birds can grow quite large, and their feathered feet are as thick as some of the other breeds. Their eggs are usually brown, but every once in a while they might surprise you with different egg colors.

They’re great pets with calm personalities that are perfect for kids. They also don’t need a ton of attention every day and will do well in a coop or roaming around in a field.

8. Cochin Chickens

Fluffy Cochin Chicken Free Range Hen

If you’re looking for big chickens with feathered feet, you are in the right place. Cochin chickens from China come in nine different colors and are large in stature. That means big eggs and lots of beautiful feathers.

With their large size, many people figure Cochin chickens will be aggressive. Don’t let that steer you away. These are gentle birds that will make a great family pet. Their thick feathers help them hold up in colder climates, and they quickly adjust to new environments, so there is a shorter breaking in period with these birds.

These are some of the most popular chickens with feathered feet. There are even more breeds we haven’t covered today! In general, chickens with feathers on their feet will be great as pets and tons of fun to raise and observe. There’s nothing better than putting in the work to care for your chickens and see them grow happily and lay eggs that you can use for an organic breakfast or baking!

If you’re looking for the perfect feathered feet chickens, talk to a breeder about which type of bird will do best in your coop and given your specific situation. They’ll advise you on the best way forward to make owning your chickens years of fun.


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