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Can Chickens Eat Rice?

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Chickens can eat cooked or raw rice. In fact, they really love it.

All poultry keepers know that chickens are not picky when it comes to eating. They will eat almost any kind of food you offer them.

You should consider a number of factors before feeding rice to your chickens such as the type of rice, how to cook it, and how nutritious it is to them.

Rice contains a lot of nutrients which contribute well to the chickens’ daily diet. However, not all types of rice are edible and safe.

Hens eating rice on the ground

While cooked rice is perfectly safe and healthy for adult chickens, baby chicks should not be given rice, whether cooked or raw until they are six months old.

Baby chicks require a starter meal with a balanced diet so that they can grow and develop resistance to diseases. The starter meal contains all the required nutrients for their growth.

Can Chickens Eat Cooked Rice?

Chickens can eat cooked rice. In face, the texture, size and color makes it easier for them to digest. Every chicken has its own preference but they tend to prefer cooked rice over raw rice.

Raw rice can be unappealing and tasteless when compared to cooked rice which has its flavors unlocked by boiling.

Leftover rice is perfectly healthy for your chickens and is even more appealing when you mix it with some veggies.

Types of Rice Chickens Can Eat

Rice comes in different varieties and each variety contains different amounts of nutrients. Both brown and white rice contain proteins and carbohydrates which are essential in chickens’ bodies.

Hens and Cocks eating raw rice seeds

Brown Rice

Brown rice is preferred to white rice because it contains a higher amount of nutrients.

Brown rice can also be called wild rice. It is highly nutritious to your chickens because it undergoes minimal processing and so contains more nutrients such as fiber, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

White Rice

Contains fewer nutrients than brown rice. This is because most of its nutrients are removed during processing. Despite that, this type of rice is still very healthy for your chickens.

Cooked Rice

Rice is cooked by adding moisture to it through boiling. Boiling rice makes it easier for your chickens to eat and digest.

hen and her chicks are eating rice

Can Chickens Eat Raw Rice?

There is a myth that you should never feed your chickens raw rice. The idea is that the raw rice would absorb moisture from the chicken’s digestive system and then expand inside the stomach after mixing with moisture (when eaten in large amounts).

Most poultry keepers have fed their chickens uncooked rice without losing any of their flock.

After the rice eaten moves down the crop, it moves into the stomach to mix with digestive juices and breaks down before it ever has the opportunity to absorb moisture and expand. Any remaining particles of the rice would be moved into the gizzard and ground into very fine particles to finish off their digestion.

You should avoid feeding your chickens seasoned or flavored rice. These often contain sodium which can be harmful to your chickens. The healthiest choice is plain cooked or raw rice.

Can Chickens Eat Burnt Rice?

The burnt rice at the bottom of the pot should not be given to chickens. If you happen to accidentally burn your cooked rice, immerse it in water and let the burnt rice float. Dispose the burnt rice and feed your chickens with the remaining.

Is Rice Healthy for Chickens?

Rice, being a whole grain, is easily digestible and very healthy for chickens. Rice contains iron, calcium, potassium, niacin and other essential vitamins and minerals. Whether cooked or raw, it is a great treat for your chickens.

sticky rice cakes

Can Chickens Eat Rice Cakes?

Chickens can eat rice cakes but not on a regular basis. These rice cakes have puffed-out rice that is compact.

Rice cakes are also low in calories. However, they can be harmful when consumed in large amounts.

Although they are tasty, they do not completely satisfy hunger. Do not make a mistake of supplementing the chickens’ staple foods with rice cakes which are lacking in essential nutrients.

Can Chickens Eat Rice Cereals Like Rice Krispies?

This is crisped rice and is safe and nutritious for chickens when consumed in moderation. It contains essential nutrients such as folic acid, potassium, iron and vitamins D, B6 and B12.

It is advisable to feed them rice krispies moderately alongside a balanced diet. Do not replace their normal meals with Rice Krispies.

crunchy rice cakes

Do not feed your chickens high sugar cereals like Cocoa Krispies or Frosted Rice Krispies. Hight amounts of sugar and sodium are not healthy for your chickens.


Chickens are one of the most difficult domesticated animals to control when it comes to feeding. They are not choosy and will eat almost anything they come across, including rice, cooked or uncooked.

Rice is a healthy treat for chickens since it contains a lot of nutrients. However, it should be offered in moderation. Too much of any one food type can be harmful to your chickens’ balanced diet.

But not all rice is good for chicken. Different varieties contain different amounts of nutrients. Any variety that contains flavors should not be fed to chickens.


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