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11 Breathtaking All Black Chicken Breeds

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Many people who want to add chickens to their farm often look for those with bright and eye-catching colors. Solid black chickens may seem plain or ordinary, but they can be far more elegant and mesmerizing than you could ever imagine! 

Solid black chickens are sometimes difficult to find because they are not very popular, but they are often members of resilient breeds that bring more than just eggs to the table. The more you know about these intriguing breeds, the easier it will be to decide which one or ones will suit your farm best.

The following chickens are some of the most beautiful and captivating solid black chickens out there. They may be difficult to find locally, but they can all be ordered from hatcheries online if needed.

It is important to know what each of their breeds offer so that you can decide whether they will be the right fit for your coop. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular chicken breeds where you can find all-black birds.

Top 10 Black Chicken Breeds

Chicken BreedBody Size (lbs)PurposeEgg ProductionEgg ColorEgg Size  Broody
Black Australorp6.5-8.5Eggs, MeatGreatBrownLargeYes
Black Jersey Giants10-13Eggs, MeatGreatBrownMediumYes
Black Sumatra4-5Eggs, OrnamentalFairWhiteSmallYes
Black Minorca7.5-9EggsGreatWhiteLargeNo
French Black Maran6.5-8Eggs, MeatGreatDark BrownLargeYes
Black Japanese Bantam1.5-1.75Eggs, ShowFairCreamSmallYes
Black Wyandotte Bantam2.25-2.5Eggs, MeatGoodBrownSmallYes
Black Silkie Bantam2-2.25OrnamentalGoodCreamSmallYes
Croad Langshan7.5-10Eggs, MeatFairBrown/Buff/PlumLargeYes
Black Java Chicken6.5-9.5Eggs, MeatGoodBrownLargeYes

1. Black Australorp

 Black australorp rooster stand on a wooden floor

The Black Australorp is a solid black chicken that was created for dual purposes, meaning it is good for egg production as well as a meat source. These utility chickens originated in Australia and broke several records in the poultry world over the last century.

They have gorgeous, shiny black feathers and they can grow to around 6.5 to 8.5 pounds. They are good egg layers, producing an impressive 200-280 eggs annually.

Black Australorps lay large brown eggs and they tend to be rather broody hens, which basically means they will set their own eggs and even the eggs of other chickens if needed. They are calm birds that will be a perfect fit for most backyard farms. 

2. Black Jersey Giants

Black Chicken Jersey Giant Relaxing on Wooden Deck

Originating in New Jersey back in the 1800’s, the Black Jersey Giant is a large chicken that is covered in solid black feathers that have a slight green sheen.

They also have dark grey, almost black legs. They are utilized both for their egg production and as a meat source, although they take longer to reach their harvest weight than other meat chickens.

Black Jersey Giant chickens can weigh anywhere from 10 pounds to 13 pounds as adults. They lay medium-size brown eggs and their egg production is considered good, reaching an astonishing 260 eggs annually in the right conditions.

They have a propensity to be broody and are also a very friendly chicken despite their large size.

3. Black Sumatra

The Black Sumatra is a regal-looking chicken that sports a solid black plumage with a beautifully stunning long tail! This chicken’s unique appearance will undoubtedly be a conversation piece among visitors to your farm.

Black Sumatra chickens are relatively small birds, weighing only 4-5 pounds, even when fully grown. Their frames are too small for meat production, but they are fairly decent egg layers and often they will set their own eggs.

Most farmers raise them for their captivating look and their egg production abilities. The Black Sumatra hen will lay small white eggs.

4. Black Minorca

The Black Minorca is a stylish solid black chicken with glossy feathers and noticeable solid white earlobes! They are large chickens, weighing somewhere between 7.5 and 9 pounds when fully grown.

Minorcas are typically very friendly and are used most often for their excellent egg production. Black Minorca chickens lay large white eggs. Unfortunately, they do not tend to be very broody and will usually not sit on their own eggs.

They do have somewhat longer tails than most other chickens which just adds to their beautiful appearance. Black Minorca chickens are very hardy birds that do extremely well in hot weather conditions.

5. French Black Marans

French Black Marans are stunning beautiful chickens that have solid black feathers and lay dark brown eggs that are rarely seen in the chicken world. They are considered a rare breed in the United States, as are all Maran breeds of chickens.

French Black Marans are great egg layers, producing an impressive 200 or more eggs each year. They lay large dark brown eggs and they tend to be rather broody, often setting their eggs throughout the year.

French Marans are friendly chickens that are used mainly for their egg production but also as a source of meat. They can weigh somewhere between 6.5 and 8 pounds as adults.

6. Black Japanese Bantam

The Black Japanese Bantam chicken has a striking appearance that features solid black feathers and large, elegant wings. They are ridiculously small, reaching only around 1.5-1.75 pounds as adults!

They lay small eggs that are cream in color. Black Japanese Bantam chickens rank fair in egg production and they are too small to be considered as a respectable meat source.

Instead, most people raise these chickens for their exquisite appearance and they also use them as a show bird in competitions.

7. Black Wyandotte Bantam

Black Wyandotte Bantams are small chickens that are solid black and absolutely adorable! Basically, they look just like a shrunken version of regular-size Wyandotte chicken!

They lay small brown eggs and they tend to be a very calm and easy to handle chicken. They have good egg production annually, laying around 150 eggs each year.

Black Wyandotte Bantams are very broody and will set their eggs regularly. They can grow to around 2.25 to 2.5 pounds and are mainly used for their egg production and as a meat source, albeit a small meat source.

8. Black Silkie Bantam

Silkie chicken white and black hen eating food in the farm

The Black Silkie Bantam is another attractive small-sized chicken that sports gorgeous solid black feathers. They are good egg producers, but their eggs are rather small due to their body size.

As adults they only grow to around 2-2.25 pounds! Black Silkie Bantams are known to be very friendly and they make great additions to most chicken coops. They lay cream-colored eggs and they are known to be very broody.

Their small frames mean they are not often used for their meat. Instead, most backyard farmers raise black silkie bantams for their unique appearance and their broodiness, to help hatch their egg and the eggs of other chickens in the coop.

9. Croad Langshan

The Croad Langshan breed is a breed of chicken like no other. For the most part, they are large chickens with gorgeous black plumage that features an exquisite green sheen. Occasionally some are white.

This breed was used in the creation of popular chicken breeds like the Orpington and the Australorp! The Croad Langshan produces about 150 eggs annually and they are often rather broody and will set their own eggs. Most of their eggs are large and are buff or brown, but some of the chickens lay an astonishing plum-colored egg that is utterly breathtaking!

As adults, the Croad Langshan can weigh between 7.5 and 10 pounds. They are used most often for egg production and sometimes as a meat source. (source)

10. Black Java Chicken

Known as the second oldest American chicken breed, the Java chicken is responsible for helping create both the Plymouth Rock chicken breed and the Jersey Giant. (source)

The Black Java is solid black with an extraordinary green sheen on its feathers. These chickens survive well as free-range poultry and are utilized for both egg and meat production. They are hardy chickens that can grow to between 6.5 and 9.5 pounds when they are adults.

Black Javas are good egg producers, providing a decent amount of eggs annually. They lay large brown eggs and tend to be very broody hens.

Ayam Cemani

It would be remis not to include the Ayam Cemani on this list of beautiful black chicken breeds. This breed, however, stands apart from the rest in both beauty and rarity.

The Ayam Cemani is not available from commercial hatcheries and obtaining them from private breeders can be quite costly. They are renowned for being absolutely solid black in every aspect. Their skin, feathers, and even tongue.

A true site to behold, they are kept as an ornamental breed for the lucky few that own them.

Final Thoughts

Solid black chickens can add an elegant element to your backyard coop that you may have not considered before. Thankfully, there are several solid black chicken breeds that you can choose from.

Each breed offers various characteristics and abilities, some of which may just be perfect for your farm. Whether you are looking for small ornamental chickens or large chickens that will produce baskets of eggs for your farm, one of these chicken breeds should fit the bill.

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