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11 Things Peacocks Are Good For

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What are peacocks good for? We know they look beautiful, but why do property owners buy them?

A growing number of homeowners and homesteaders buy peacocks to have on their property. Yes, they’re exotic birds that are fantastic to look at, but they also serve helpful purposes that make them valuable to any property owner.

Peacocks serve as alarm systems, eat up unwelcome insects, and ward away predators. In addition, they drive away rodents and keep snakes away from your house, shed, and garage.

While it may be unrealistic to own peacocks in crowded suburban areas, more people with a bit of space and larger yards are buying them to keep the company of chickens, ducks, and other birds.

Here are some of the best reasons to keep peacocks around to help you decide whether they’re worth your while.

Beautiful blue peacock walking freely

Peacocks Are Great Pets

First of all, peacocks make terrific pets. They’re relatively easy to own and don’t require a ton of maintenance.

However, you do need plenty of space; otherwise, you’ll need to house your peacocks in a covered enclosure. If they’re free to roam, your peacocks may jump fences or fly off somewhere before returning for meals.

This is no big deal in rural areas, but neighbors might complain in crowded neighborhoods. However, peacocks often become neighborhood pets, quietly roaming the streets and cul-de-sacs in America.

They’re harmless and give any space an exotic feel.

Indian peafowl searching food in the morning.

They’ll Get Rid of Bugs

Peacocks are excellent foragers that will spend hours each day with their heads down in the grass, pecking at anything that moves.

This is great news for people who want to get rid of bugs. If you are worried about things like ticks because you have dogs, having a couple of peacocks around the property will help guarantee that no ticks get close to your other pets. The same goes for things like roaches, beetles, fire ants, and any other bug or insect you would rather not have on your grass.

Insects are a delicious snack for peacocks, providing a good amount of protein for the birds.

Many homeowners report a significant reduction in how many bugs they see after getting peacocks on the property.

Peacocks Deter Rodents and Reptiles

Peacock on the farm

People who live in Florida love peacocks because they keep the snakes away.

In hot weather, snakes always seem to find a cool patio or car to hide under. Every year, quite a good number of people are bitten by snakes that they come upon unexpectedly and inevitably end up in the hospital as a result.

Snakes will think twice before cozying up for a nap when a large peacock roams around the property.

The same goes for mice. These large birds can kill and even eat small rodents, making them fantastic pets for people living on farms and homesteads.

You won’t have to worry as much about mice getting inside when you have peacocks around.

blue and green Pavo peacocks birds, one with an open blue patterned tail on the grass

Peacocks Are Excellent Alarm Systems

One of the main advantages of keeping peacocks is that they are fantastic alarm systems.

You can count on your peacocks to sound the alarm anytime something remotely threatening trespasses on your property.

You’ll know to come running or investigate when they start making a lot of noise or flying about. In addition, peacocks typically serve as a decent guard against some but not all predators. For example, they are a much more formidable foe than a chicken or a duck.

Peacock in jungle forest

They Are a Nice Icebreaker

People who own peacocks are known as the neighborhood peacock people. These aren’t your everyday pet, so owning them certainly makes you stand out.

They’re a fun topic of conversation for anyone who comes over for dinner, and most delivery drivers love to see them!

People Eat Peacock Meat

If you’re feeling a little wild, you can give peacock meat a try. This is a surprisingly delicious game meat that is more popular than many people think.

Whether you’re buying peacock meat from a local distributor or want to try to raise them as a meat source, peacocks are large birds that will give you a lot of meat per bird.

It is not quite the same as chicken, duck, or goose, but some people enjoy eating peacock meat very much.

Peacocks On Farm

You Can Try Breeding Peacocks

Breeding is another practical reason to own peacocks. Not only do you get to enjoy having the birds, but you can raise them for sale and ship them across the country.

As peacocks grow in popularity, more people want to buy them, which makes raising and selling peacocks a nice side hustle.

In addition, you can earn a few dollars by raising quality birds and advertising them online.

Raising peacocks can be a lot of fun because you get to see them grow and thrive, but you don’t have to keep them long-term and pay for their upkeep. You also get the fulfillment of delivering wonderful pets to people who want them.

portrait of rooster and Indian Peacock

A Good Mix With Other Birds

Are you already raising chickens or ducks? Then, peacocks are a perfect addition to your little flock.

Plenty of homesteaders enjoy adding peacocks into their fowl mix to liven things up and grow their animal families.

With peacocks, you get more colors, making your homestead or farm feel more lively. Depending on the types of chickens you have, peacocks give you a bit more flare, and they’ll make you feel like a real farmer.

mom and son watching peacock in the garden

Photos and Events

People love peacocks, and they love taking pictures with these colorful birds.

If you live on a good-sized lot with a nice house, there’s a good chance you can advertise your space as a wedding or event venue, with your birds as one of the main attractions.

All you need to do is take some attractive pictures of your yard and meeting areas, highlighting the birds gracefully grazing on your lawn, and potential customers will start picking up the phone.

Plenty of venues across the United States find success marketing to customers just by adding a few peacocks to their property. People will love to pose with the animals, making any event venue feel more magical.

 macro photo of an arrangement of luminous peacock feathers

Feather Collections

We all know that peacocks have lovely feathers. Owners enjoy picking them up as their birds shed old feathers during molting while keeping these feathers for decoration or as gifts appreciated by friends.

Place several peacock feathers in an umbrella stand or tall vase, and you have a fantastic showpiece for living areas and kitchens. The green, blue, and violet all combine to make your home look like something out of a magazine.

Close up of colorful peacock


Not everyone can own and keep a dog. So, why not try peacocks instead if you’re one of those?

Some people want low-maintenance pets that they can look at and appreciate but don’t have to babysit. Peacocks are one of such ideal minimal maintenance pets!

Peacocks can live for decades, so they are an ideal life companion for people who want to look out the window at something beautiful without having to clean up messes all the time.

Moreover, you don’t have to walk your peacocks or give them baths. They remain beautiful without requiring too much attention.


There’s a lot to love about peacocks. Hopefully, this list helps you decide whether owning one is for you.

The noise that peacocks make is the biggest drawback for most people, especially since neighbors might get annoyed. But, other than that, they are terrific pets for people in all parts of the United States.


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