Ultimate Guide to Incubating Peacock Eggs

Ultimate Guide to Incubating Peacock Eggs

Check the Breeders

The first step towards successful incubation is to prepare the breeders. Your breeders should be free from internal or external parasites.

Prepare the Incubator Ahead of Time

First, check if all the components are working, including the egg turner motor. That will save you from any challenges later on.

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Incubator Temperature and Humidity

It’s also essential to check the temperature and humidity settings before each laying season, regardless if the incubator has been in use for years or is new.

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Incubator Cleaning

The final step in preparing your incubator is cleaning it. That’s to ensure that the incubator is free of any bacteria that may contaminate the eggs.

Set the Eggs

Once you’ve made sure that your incubator is ready and clean, it’s time to now set the peafowl eggs.  Place the eggs upright in the incubating trays.