When Can Chicks Start Eating Vegetables?

Chicks can start eating vegetables when they are more than three weeks old. Chicks can eat various vegetables such as leafy greens and nutrient-rich root vegetables.

Best Types of Vegetables to Feed Chicks



Snow Pea Pods




How to Introduce Your Chickens to a Vegetable Diet

You can throw in the vegetable treats to your chicks anytime, and they will peck on the leaves (or roots) when they want.

Feed Your Chicks With a Regular Protein-Rich Diet

Chicks need a protein-rich diet to grow. Your starter chicken feed should have at least 24% crude protein if you want your chicks to grow quickly and in good health.

Ensure That the Vegetables Are Safe

Are there pesticides on the vegetables? For how long have you been storing the vegetables? Make sure that the vegetables are fresh and safe for your chicks.