Can Chickens Eat Sweet Potatoes / Yams?

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Deciding What to Feed Your Chickens

Feeding chickens can be stressful when you’re new to raising them. You worry about whether they are getting enough of the right foods and if you’re giving them something you shouldn’t.

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Sweet Potatoes Are Better Than White Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are already part of a lot of healthy animal feeds, so you shouldn’t worry at all about giving them to your birds.

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Can Chickens Eat Sweet Potato Plants?

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They’re easy to grow and sprout quickly, so it’s a great idea to give them some sweet potato leaves whenever you can.

Do You Have to Cook Sweet Potatoes for Chickens?

One thing you have to worry about with chickens is choking. If they are in a huge rush to eat an uncooked yam, they could peck off a big chunk and try to swallow it all at once.

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Chickens Respond Well to Sweet Potatoes in Their Diets

Farmers find that chickens that eat more sweet potatoes grow better and their meat has a richer flavor than birds who don’t have yams in their diets.