Bantam Chicken Breeds

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Japanese Bantam

Japanese bantam chickens originated in Japan, of course, and they are considered to be a true bantam since they do not originate from a larger version of the breed.

Dutch Bantam

Originating in the Netherlands, the Dutch bantam one of the smallest bantam chickens in the world today.

Nankin bantam chicken

Another heritage bantam breed, the Nankin bantam chicken has been around at least since the 16th century and hails from Southeast Asia.

Sebright Bantam

Sebright bantam chickens are gorgeous petite fowl that are able to handle heat and cold relatively well despite their small size.

Silkie Bantams

Silkie bantam chickens are probably one of the cutest chickens you will ever encounter!

Sultan Bantams

Booted bantam chickens have gorgeous feathers and wings that noticeably point downwards instead of to the back.

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