Are Chickens Safe in the Rain?

Can Chickens be Out in the Rain?

Chickens can absolutely be out in the rain.  In fact, chickens will find that a light rain is a good opportunity for a snack. 

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Do  Chickens  Get Sick  in the Rain?

Sporadic exposure to the rain should be fine for most chickens. There are a few issues that can occur with heavy or prolonged exposure to the rain.

Respiratory Illness

Respiratory illnesses will need a vet diagnosis as  they can be  caused by either bacterial or virus exposure.

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How Constantly Being Wet Can Affect the Immune System

The constant wet state can cause the chicken in question, or even a whole flock, to start getting stressed.

Best Ways to Prevent Illnesses in Wet Chickens

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The best way, honestly, it to keep them dry. While most chickens will not be into this, you can limit the issues by providing more than just one shelter or dry place for them to get out of the rain.