Would a Hawk Kill A Goose?

Goose Predators To Be Aware OF


Red-tailed hawks seem to be everywhere these days. People who raise and keep chickens deal with hawks regularly, but what about geese?

Most of the time, geese are too large and too heavy of a target for hawks. Geese can also put up much more of a fight than chickens.

Coyotes are very smart hunters that love to kill geese. They’ll put in the time to make sure they survey the surroundings before the strike.


Bobcats are another strong predator out looking for geese. The good thing about bobcats is that most suburban goose owners will never have to deal with them. 


The best thing you can do is take steps to protect them as best as possible. You can build a solid enclosure with fencing on all sides to keep your geese in at night.