Why Your Chickens Lay Small Eggs & What to Do?


If you keep chickens, you know how satisfying it can be to have a breakfast of fresh eggs first thing in the morning.  Of course, it can be a bit of a let down when you feed, clean after, and take care of your chickens only to find that they are laying tiny eggs. So, why your chickens lay small eggs & what to do?

Why Your Chickens Lay Small Eggs & What to Do?

Younger chickens tend to lay small eggs, also known as fairy eggs, but your chickens could also be laying small eggs for the following reasons:

Do Young Chickens Lay Smaller Eggs?

On average, a chicken will lay an egg between 54 and 70 grams. That is the medium size of an egg.

How Genetics Affect Egg Size

Like most anomalies that occur in nature, genetics is one of the main culprits. 

How Nutrition Affect Egg Size

Nutrition is a large factor contributing to the health of your flock, as well as the size of the eggs they lay.

Stress and Reproduction

Stress is a large factor that may contribute to both the overall health of your flock and the size of the eggs they lay. 

Hybrid hens are usually vaccinated and won’t have any illness that could potentially impact the size of your egg

Will Illness or Disease Affect Egg Size?

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