Why Some Baby Chicks Are Yellow and Others Aren’t

Watching a baby chick hatch can be as special and wondrous as watching anything in nature.  These tiny birds, before they are even born, know what to do to make their grand entrance into this world.

It actually has to do with the yolk staining their white down feathers. Because these chicks will eventually be white as they get their juvenile and adult feathers, their down is colored by the same pigment that makes a yolk yellow, and it is proven.

This is why chicks are yellow

Are All Chicks Yellow When They Hatch?

When you think of a baby chick, you probably picture a little yellow fluffy bird, and when you think of a chicken, you probably think of the white ones, and this is pretty common.

How Common Are Yellow Chicks?

Chickens, in actuality, come in such a wide variety of colors that yellow chickens on a small farm or homestead are actually pretty rare.  It is more common for a brown chick to hatch than a yellow one because of this.

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