Why Guinea Fowl Love Ticks

(and 7 Other Bugs They Eat)

One of the best things about guinea fowl is that they are super tick hunters. These birds can zero in on ticks and take them out like  nothing else.

Owning guinea fowl is like having your own tick and insect vacuum on premises.

It’s a fantastic idea to raise guinea fowl whether you’ve already got a flock of birds on the property or if it’s your first bird.

Raising Guineas to Keep  the Ticks at Bay

People are starting to take notice of how helpful guinea fowl can be in eradicating insect problems.

7 Other Insects Guinea Fowl Love

Raising guineas can give you peace of mind knowing that ticks and other bugs won’t be a problem anymore. They are great birds that are a lot of fun to raise and care for.