When Do Rhode Island Reds Start Laying and 15 Other Fun Facts

The Rhode Island Red is one of the most accomplished chicken breeds. It is a popular low-maintenance chicken breed developed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

There are two strains of the Rhode Island Red: the heritage strain and the production strain.  The production strain  generally offers more eggs than the heritage strain.

When Do Rhode Island Reds Start Laying?

A Rhode Island Red hen usually starts laying eggs at around 18-24 weeks old. However, some hens will begin laying as early as 16 weeks old. Due to their exceptional egg-laying abilities, the output and continuity of a Rhode Island Red hen are often difficult to surpass.

Other Body Features of the Rhode Island Reds

The Rhode Island Red is a breed with superior exhibition qualities. They have rectangular bodies that are relatively long, solid, and well-proportioned. They have tight and compact feathers, which is a trait inherited from the Malay breed. Their tails are positioned at a 45-degree angle. Rhode Island Reds have red ear lobes, wattles, and combs, with red or orange eyes. They also have yellow skins, legs, and feet. Their beaks are horn or yellowish.

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