What Happens if You Don’t Collect Chicken Eggs?

Raising chickens is a great way to have fresh eggs daily that you can enjoy and feed your family.  These animals are not only a prolific food source, but they are also fun for your family to raise and enjoy.  However, like all pets, chickens need to be cared for regularly, and you should be collecting their eggs daily.

What happens if you don’t collect your chicken’s eggs?

Eggs that are left for longer than one day are potentially inedible and should be thrown out.

Other Reasons to Collect Daily

Bacteria Buildup Chickens will eat their eggs Breakage Risk of predators

When and How to Collect Chicken Eggs

Exactly how often you should collect your chicken eggs is very situational and differs based on the weather in your area. However, the safe bet is to collect your eggs at least twice daily.

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