7 Ways To Help A Duck With A Hurt Leg

"When an animal, like a duck, has a leg injury, it can be very serious because of how important moving is to swimming, eating, and nesting."

5 Things That Can Cause a Duck to Limp

1. Cracked Legs 2. Mites 3. Bumblefoot 4. Foot Injury 5. Infection

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7 Things You Can Do to Help a Duck

1. Catch the duck

Don’t just let your duck limp around because it may get worse with time. Catching a duck can be tough, so do your best to catch the injured duck in a calm way that doesn’t stress the bird too much.

2. Talk to Your Vet

This, of course, is always a good course of action anytime you’re concerned about an animal. You can take the bird to the vet, or take some pictures and video of the injury/limp and send it to the vet.

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