Peacocks can eat

Peacocks (peafowls) need plant and animal matter in their diet, no doubt. But then, as with humans, having extra vegetables in their diet can make them even healthier.

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Raw beets have an earthy taste with a slightly sweet and floral scent. But if you want your peafowls to enjoy even more flavor from the beets, roast them.


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The crunchiness and mild flavor are a few reasons why broccoli is ideal for peacocks. But apart from that, the nutrients and health benefits are pretty impressive.


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Cabbage is highly nutritious, so it is more than just a delicacy for the taste buds. As you would expect of most vegetables, it has a decent dietary fiber content.


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Carrots are one of the vegetables with the highest amount of vitamin A. So, it adds up that they can do a lot to improve your birds’ feathers.