Types of Duck Dishes

Duck dishes are becoming more popular in the United States, but they’ve been a major food staple in other countries for a long time. Here are some fantastic types of duck dishes to try for dinner!

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Did you know that you can make duck carnitas to go with your favorite tacos? By slowly braising the duck, it will imitate pork carnitas.

Duck Tacos

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This dish is inspired by all of the ways duck is prepared in Asian cuisine. All you need are some basic Asian ingredients, and you can make a yummy weekday dinner in minutes.

Soy Sauce-Glazed Duck

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This dish is a staple in fancy restaurants worldwide and is best served on warm toast along with pickles, onions, and other sour foods.

Duck Rillettes

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Roast duck in a port sauce is a fantastic formal duck dish to try. Serve your duck over mashed or roasted potatoes so you have something to soak up all the remaining sauce.

Roast Duck in Port Sauce