Best Turkey Breeds

for Eggs

The average turkey breed lays around 100 eggs in a year. This laying rate pales in comparison to chickens and ducks.

While turkeys are generally not the number one poultry birds for egg production, some breeds are prolific layers.

Turkeys are decent egg layers. However, compared to chickens and ducks, they are average at best.

Are Turkeys Good Egg Layers?

Bourbon Reds and Beltsville Whites are some of the best turkeys for eggs. But if you are considering taste, Midget Whites have some of the tastiest turkey eggs.

What Is the Best  Turkey Breed for Eggs?

The domesticated Bourbon Red is the turkey breed that lays the most eggs. On average, members of this breed produce around 160 to 180 eggs per year.

Which Turkey Breed Lays  the Most Eggs?

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