This is Why Your Chicks Chirp So Much!

If you have some recently-hatched chicks, you know that their fuzziness and chirping are just adorable at first. But, when the chirping is nonstop, you may start to wonder. Is it normal for chicks to chirp around the clock, or is there an important message they’re trying to convey?  

Why do your chicks chirp so much? There are a few essential things to consider:

The temperature of the brood Availability of food and water Discomfort or disease


Let’s start with temperature. It is one of the essentials of survival for a chick, and they can easily die from the cold. Make sure the chicks are comfortably warm and not too cold nor too hot.

Availability of Water and Food

Water and food are not required during the first 48 hours after hatching, but they are good to have ready early on. Make sure the chicks have access to both and that the food and water containers cannot be toppled over during the night and when unattended.

Discomfort or Disease

Usually, low exposure of coccidia throughout growth helps the chicks build their immune system, but they can also be introduced to an excessive amount by neighboring chick broods.

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