Things Peacocks

Are Good For

A growing number of homeowners and homesteaders buy peacocks to have on their property. Yes, they’re exotic birds that are fantastic to look at, but they also serve helpful purposes that make them valuable to any property owner.

First of all, peacocks make terrific pets. They’re relatively easy to own and don’t require a ton of maintenance. However, you do need plenty of space; otherwise, you’ll need to house your peacocks in a covered enclosure.

Peacocks Are Great Pets

Peacocks are excellent foragers that will spend hours each day with their heads down in the grass, pecking at anything that moves. Insects are a delicious snack for peacocks, providing a good amount of protein for the birds.

They’ll Get Rid of Bugs

One of the main advantages of keeping peacocks is that they are fantastic alarm systems. You’ll know to come running or investigate when they start making a lot of noise or flying about.

Peacocks Are Excellent Alarm Systems

Are you already raising chickens or ducks? Then, peacocks are a perfect addition to your little flock. Plenty of homesteaders enjoy adding peacocks into their fowl mix to liven things up and grow their animal families.

A Good Mix With Other Birds