51+ Awesome Star Wars


When it comes to movies, I think star wars is the cream of the crop. I love them all. I especially love that even in the beginning, George Lucas portrayed strong female characters. As a mom, and a woman, that is awesome. I also love chickens. So how can I incorporate my love for Star Wars with my love for chickens? By giving my chickens star wars names of course!

Top 10 Star Wars inspired Chicken Names

Princess Laya Kylo Hen Little Rey Maullie Rebel Snokems Carbon Hen Solo Skywalker Lay 2 (SO)

23 Star Wars Inspired Chicken Names for Your Hens

When it comes to your chickens, hens, in particular, Star Wars isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.  The truth is, you can build your own Rebel Alliance or Galactic Menagerie with a little planning.

16 Star Wars Chicken Names for Roosters

Alderaan Boba Fett Cassian  Dooku  Greedo  Hoth Jar Jar Kylo 

Star Wars Inspired Chicken Names for Pairs

If you have a pair (or even trio) of chickens and want to give them a Star Wars inspired name, sometimes you can just find the name you like and then think of a name that rhymes with it.

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