Duck Breeds

Ducks are beautiful birds that belong in the same family as geese and swans.

The miniature sized ducks are commonly known as Bantam Ducks.

Also known as the East Indie duck, the Black East Indian Duck is the oldest breed of the Bantam Duck.

Black East Indian Duck

These small-sized ducks weigh less than 2.2 pounds. The drakes weigh around 1.9 pounds while the ducks weigh between 1.6 to 1.75 pound

This cute little duck originated from the Netherlands where they are known as Coys or Decoy Ducks.

Call Duck

Call Ducks have oval-shaped bodies, pale orange legs, bills, and large blue eyes.

Miniature Crested Ducks are the smaller version of the Crested Duck and originated from the East of the Indian subcontinent before being developed in Holland.

Miniature Crested Duck

These ducks are well-known for their white bodies, yellow bills and legs, and large fluffy crests.

Carolina Wood Ducks are also known as the Wood Duck or Carolina Duck.

Carolina Wood Duck

Wood Ducks can be distinguished by their ornate, colorful patterns; green crested heads, light brown wings, chestnut chests, and red rings around their eyes.

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