Red Chicken Breeds

If you’re interested in acquiring some stable red chicken breeds to your farm, then you may want to check out this list. You’ll find that there are various breeds of red chickens, each with separate traits and characteristics that you can decide are desirable to you or not.

ISA Brown

The ISA Brown is also known as Hubbard Brown. It’s mainly used for egg production and can lay up to 300 eggs per year in just the first year of a hen’s laying.

Easter Egger

Easter Egger is a group of hybrid chickens that possess a particular gene that makes them lay blue-green colored eggs that are reminiscent of colorful Easter eggs. It’s not as hard to guess as to why they are mostly preferred for egg production.

Red Cochin Bantam

The Red Cochin Bantam is a small-sized breed that originated from China. They’re known for their docile nature and their distinct look. Red Cochin Bantam, just like other bantam breeds, are poor meat producers.

Red Leghorn

The Red Leghorn breed is a rare variation of the Leghorn breed known for its graceful characteristics. They are mainly bred for exhibition purposes, and they are sure to make a great addition to the backyard flock.