Recognizing an Egg-Bound Chicken:

How You Can Help

Many chickens go their entire life and are never egg-bound.  But it is important to know what it is, how to recognize it, and how to treat it.

The oviduct can only stretch so far.  Misshapen eggs and overly large eggs will not pass and get stuck.

Passing large or odd-shaped eggs 

These eggs do not pass through the oviduct as easily, resulting in them becoming stuck.  Do not hatch these hens’ eggs as they are likely to pass this on.

Genetic issues in the hen 

They are larger than normal and more likely to get stuck.  This is not preventable and typically does not happen often.

Double yolk eggs

A diet low in vitamins, minerals, and proteins can interfere with egg development and overall hen health making a stuck egg more likely.