8 Reasons Why Your Peacocks Are Dying

It can be tough and puzzling to see your peacocks die without knowing why. Obviously, if you knew why they were dying, you’d do all you could to remove the fatal factor.

Dehydration in peafowls may come from heat or diseases. It may also come from insufficient water. If your birds are not getting enough drinking water, you may be pushing them towards dehydration.


If one of your birds gets sick with a transmittable disease, it might pass it on to the other birds. Unfortunately, you may not detect this disease early enough until after some peafowls start dying.


When an egg is bound in a peahen, it may keep growing until it hatches. Unfortunately, if an egg hatches or breaks inside the peahen, it will cause internal injuries. The injuries may then get infected, leading to the peahen’s death.

Egg Binding

Heatstroke is pretty dangerous as it hampers virtually every physiological function in peafowls. Most importantly, it causes the birds to overheat. It also causes dehydration.