6 Reasons Chickens Stand on One Leg

Chickens can stand on one leg for several reasons. Let’s look at some of the reasons why chickens stand on one leg and what you should do about it, if anything.

Either the temperatures are low enough outside where they feel like they need to warm their feet by bringing them closer to their core, or the ground of their coop or whatever they’re standing on feels too cold.

Chickens Stand on One Leg Because They’re Cold

When physically impaired, a chicken can stand on one leg because either they can’t extend their leg or they have an infection that affects their ability to stand.

Your Chicken May Be Injured

A common bird infection is called bumblefoot, which causes duck and chicken feet to swell and become painful.

There Could Be an Infection

Scaly mites are a big cause for concern because they infect chicken feet and can ultimately paralyze your chickens.

They Could Have Scaly Mites