Rare Peacock Colors

Brush Stroke

Contrary to the beautiful shades of blue and green that we are used to seeing in books and documentaries, these flamboyant, feathered bipeds come in several brilliant hues.

These brilliant animals can come in jade, blue, green, cameo, opal, white, charcoal, purple, peach, bronze, taupe, midnight, indigo, and lastly, hazel.

Due to the variety of colors found on a peafowl, the color they are considered is usually whatever hue adorns their necks.

Peacock Colors

While there are five known patterns that we have recorded, all of them stem from the original barred wing pattern that existed in both categories of birds (India green and India blue).

5 Peacock Color Patterns

Peafowls are pheasants with flamboyant mating displays and hollow chest-puffing exercises to intimidate competing males, though they do have methods to escape predators that are actually practical.

Peacock Colors and Defense Tactics