Quietest Duck Breeds

Ducks, especially females, are noisy. They will chatter on and on when they are isolated, threatened, or happy.  The noise from ducks can be a problem for you and even your neighbors. But with any of the duck breeds below, you could enjoy relative quietness.

Compared to many other duck breeds, Crested ducks are relatively quiet. Whenever you hear a Crested duck making sounds, it is probably a female duck looking for attention.

Crested Duck

Saxony ducks are quiet, gentle, and friendly with calm demeanors. They are also energetic, alert, active, and excellent foragers.


Khaki Campbells are quiet, independent, and docile. They typically do not make call sounds except if they are threatened, hungry, or excited.

Khaki Campbell

Swedish ducks are relatively quiet, and they get along well with other poultry. They usually have a pale blue or black plumage with bits of silver.

Swedish Duck