Quail Breeds

These little birds may be small in size, but they have plenty of character and can be fantastic egg-laying pets. Although certain quail species are capable of flight, they spend most of their time on the ground.

Coturnix Quail

The Coturnix quail, also called the Japanese quail, is a docile bird that can be raised in various conditions. It comes in different varieties - British Range, Tuxedo, English White, Manchurian Golden, Texas A&M, and Pharaoh

King Quail

King quail are social birds and require the company of other birds to survive. The suggested grouping is one male to two female King quail. They respond well to affectionate care, although they aren’t necessarily fond of physical contact.

Blue-Scale Quail

In the wild, they use their plumage to blend in with their environment. They are overly cautious and watchful and respond swiftly to any sign of danger. They maintain their alertness and instinct for survival even when housed around humans.

California Quail

Most of the time, California quails can be found scouring and scraping the ground for food, but when attacked by predators, this small bird can run as fast as 12 miles per hour. People value their meat since it is both healthy and tasty.