Peacock Diseases

You Should Know About

It doesn’t matter whether they live in the wild or are raised in nurseries or on farms, peacocks are prone to catch diseases like any other bird.

If you’re looking to raise these birds, you need to know how to manage their health, thus preventing serious illnesses down the road.

Fowl Cholera (FC)

Fowl cholera may vary from acute septicemia to localized, chronic infections leading to the possibility of death. This disease is transmitted through nasal discharge, contaminated soil, feces, and oral discharge.

Fowl Pox (FP)

This disease is easily transmitted from one bird to another when they are in close contact with each other. The virus can be found in skin and feather debris, skin dander, scab secretions, and also blood.

Blackhead Disease

Blackhead disease is spread through direct contact with the infected birds, contaminated water, bird droppings, and feeding off the ground in the same area as infected birds.