6 Beautiful Lavender Chicken Breeds

Chicken breeds come in different colors: black, buff, white, yellow, brown, and even lavender. While colors like black, white, and buff are common, lavender chicken breeds are rare.

The lavender color on chicken plumage is actually perceived as grey. It is formed when a chicken has the recessive gene called the lav gene.

Here are six lavender chicken breeds you can consider when making your choice.

Lavender Orpington

The Lavender Orpingtons are one of the most recent members of the Orpington family. They were created by Priscilla Middleton around the mid-1900s following repeated crossing efforts.

Lavender Silkie

Like other Silkies, Lavender Silkies have a unique appearance. They are a well-feathered breed. Their feathers, which feel like silk, cover almost all parts of their body, leaving only the beak and eyes exposed.

Lavender Ameracauna

Lavender Ameracauna belongs to the Ameracauna family, which came to be in the 1970s. Ameracaunas have a fierce hawk-like look. Interestingly, they can actually be docile. Lavender Ameracaunas have beards, muffs, bay-red eyes, red pea combs, and red wattles.

Lavender Wyandotte

Lavender Wyandottes have a round shape, long legs, deep-red wattles, and flat rose-shaped combs. The form of their combs makes them less likely to get frostbite.

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