7 Large Duck Breeds

Ducks are versatile aquatic birds found in most bodies of water, like ponds, rivers, and lakes. Our detailed guide lists some of the largest duck breeds.

Rouen ducks are another large and heavy breed that dates back to the nineteenth century. Most Rouen ducks are now raised for their meat and eggs, while some may raise them for their beauty.


This duck was bred specifically to be both large and completely white, which makes it great for meat and for exhibition. These ducks are friendly, which makes them ideal to have around the farm if you have kids.


Silver Appleyard ducks are classified as a heavy and large duck breed and are kept for both eggs and meat. Silver Appleyards mature quickly and can reach over six pounds in only eight weeks.

Silver Appleyard

Most farmers raise these birds for their meat and eggs, and they are known for their characteristic black feathers and green tint. Cayuga ducks are independent and resilient.


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