Indian Peafowl Breed Profile

Indian peafowls originated in Sri Lanka and India. To learn more about Indian peafowls, let’s dive in deeper and look at the history of these magnificent birds.

The Indian Peafowl belongs to the family Phasianidae. There are also three variations of Indian blue peafowl: the common peafowl, the pied peafowl, and the black-winged peafowl.

You can find the Indian peafowl inhabiting shrubby areas, semi-desert grasslands, open deciduous forests, and riparian regions (river banks).

Male Indian peafowl or peacocks are polygamous creatures, and they have to work hard to attract potential mating partners. Peahens are ready to mate when they reach the age of 2 or 3 years old.

Unlike other peacock breeds, the Indian peafowl may be the only species that you can’t suitably raise as pets. This is due to the fact they are categorized as one of the many endangered birds.