How To Raise Chickens Without A Heat Lamp

In a time in which many people are extremely interested in finding alternative options to mass-produced food, home chicken coops are springing up across the country. However, not everyone has the facilities – or the desire – to raise their new chicks without a heat lamp.

How do you raise chicks without a heat lamp? Chickens have been reproducing for centuries without heat lamps, so the best thing to do is to copy nature as closely as possible, providing warmth to the eggs and chicks in other ways before you develop a brood of mother hens suited exactly to this purpose.

When just starting out raising baby chicks, the amount of information you’ll find on raising them with a heat lamp can make the concept of doing without one feel impossible.

#1: Bedding

Dry shavings – and a LOT of them – are needed to allow your chicks a comfortable bed and something to burrow into.

#2: Company

Just like pets, chicks like to snuggle together in the cold. Order enough chicks that they can huddle together to keep each other warm (think of the penguins on the nature shows).

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