How Much Do Emus Cost?

 (and Where to Buy Them)

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How Much Do Emus Cost?

Emu chicks that are 7 days old or less typically go for around $1000. However, they are pretty rare to find.

How Much Do Emu Eggs Cost? The cost of an emu egg depends on its fertility. While an infertile emu egg will cost about $30 to $50, a fertile egg will cost about $100.

Moonlight Valley Farm

Moonlight Valley Farm is in Pennsylvania. They sell emu chicks and emu eggs. If you are buying emu chicks from Moonlight Valley Farm, you must pick the chicks up at the farm.

Mandalay Farms

Mandalay Farms is in Jupiter, FL. They sell emu chicks, but you may have to make a reservation if the chicks are not available.

Yoke Farms

If in Michigan, Yoke Farms sells emu eggs and emu chicks. You can find them at 957 Tihart Rd, Okemos, MI.