How Long Does it Take for Duck Eggs to Hatch?

How Long Does it Take to Incubate Duck Eggs? It takes duck eggs an average of 28 days to hatch. The duration, however, depends on various factors. Let us discuss some of the factors that affect the duck egg incubation period.

How Quickly the Mother Sits on Her Eggs Something that makes a lot of homesteaders worried is seeing eggs unattended to by their mother. 

Incubating Duck Eggs Using an Incubator The use of incubators is a safe and efficient way to make sure that more of your eggs hatch and are incubated early.

Do Not Help Your Hatching Ducklings to Open Their Eggs

When you hear your ducklings pip their shells, you may be tempted to help them.

Take the Eggs to a Warm Brooder Box or Hatcher Before They Hatch

After their first pip, you should remove the eggs from the setting tray and take them to a hatching tray (if your incubator has one) or a warm brooder box.