9 Healthy Treats for Guinea Fowl

Raising guinea fowl is a fun adventure for a lot of  families. They are a great addition to any property and will add some unique flavor to your flock if you’ve already got some chickens, geese, or ducks.

Before you raise an animal, you should know what and how to feed it.

Here are the list of Healthy Snacks Guinea Fowl Love

1. Bird Feed

You can find guinea bird feed online or in a lot of animal supply stores. If you can’t find something specifically for guineas, chances are they will respond well to chicken or duck feed too.

2. Mealworms

Mealworms are one of the best treats for guinea fowl, and they’ll come running if they notice them. They’re also a fantastic source of protein for the birds. You can find them online or at pet stores near you.

3. Rice

Don’t toss that old rice just yet. Guineas love rice and will peck at the ground until each grain is in their stomachs. It doesn’t matter if it’s white rice or brown, they’ll love it.

4. Watermelon

Feeding watermelon to guinea fowl is a ton of fun because it will take them longer to get through the fruit and you may be able to get closer up to watch them feed.

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