Guinea Fowl Growth Stages

Raising Guinea Fowl from Keets

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Raising guinea keets i simple just like chickens, but you have to provide the basic needs of the keets.


You can provide sufficient temperature by using a heat lamp.

Requirements for Raising Guinea Keets in a Brooder

Guinea Keets Becoming Adults

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They Are Noisy

Guinea fowl are very noisy. This is one reason why it is difficult to raise guinea fowl in the city.

How to Raise Adult Guinea Keets

Introduce Young Keets or New Birds Gradually

When your keets are ready to leave the brooder (or you get new adults), take them into the coop, but separate them from other adults with wire mesh for a week or two.

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Provide a Coop or Night Shade

Guinea fowl, though wild and hardy, need a coop, or night shade where they can roost and be free from predators.