Grey Chicken Breeds


In your mouth, all chickens might taste the same. But outside your mouth, all chickens are not the same. Chickens come in different breeds. They have different types of feathers, they come in different colors, and they have different sizes. If you are thinking of the total number of chicken breeds in the world, you should count in hundreds, or perhaps thousands. We would have loved to discuss all the chicken breeds in the world. But by the time we are done with that, almost one year would have passed, and it would be National Fried Chicken Day again. So, in this article, we shall only focus on some grey chicken breeds.

Lavender Orpington

The Lavender Orpington comes from a line of chickens called Orpington. The first Orpington was the Black Orpington. This chicken breed was created by a man named William Cook.

Lavender Ameracauna

The Ameracauna chicken breed comes in a range of colors including, black, blue, pale yellow, and lavender. Our focus is on the Lavender Ameracauna, even though it is not one of the colors of the breed recognized by the APA.

Lavender Silkie

Silkies have their origins dated way back, as far back as 206 BC. It is thought to have originated from ancient China. While Silkies are quite old, Lavender Silkies only just showed up in the early 2000s. They are not great layers. Their eggs are cream-colored and are usually not big (medium or small).

Lavender Brahma

The Lavender Brahma comes from the Brahma breed. The Brahmas find their roots tied to 2 breeds: the ‘Shanghai’ breed from China and the Grey Chittagong from the Brahmaputra River area in India.

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