9 Great Ways to Raise Chickens Without Grain

How can you raise chickens without grain?

Chicken keepers can maintain a well-rounded diet by replacing grain with other feeding methods and sources of nutrition

There are nine categories every chicken keeper should address to ensure their birds get what they if opting for a no-grain diet.

Let’s look at each one, how you can substitute for commercial grains, how to compost, and what not to feed your birds.

1. The Green Side of a Chicken’s Diet

Weeds from your vegetable garden can be used as chicken feed. Also, any fruits or vegetables that you don’t like (but that are still edible) can be used for your flock. Chickens will eat most vegetables and fruits from your garden.

2. Sources of Protein for Chickens on No-Grain Diets

Protein is an essential part of a chicken’s diet, so look for high-quality protein-rich nutrients. If you need to add more protein, you can supplement by adding different kinds of “meal” to your homemade feed.

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