Turkey Breeds

for Your Farm


Besides the absence of hostility, friendly turkey breeds are warm, amiable, and docile. Also, they interact well with humans.

If you have been trying to select a turkey breed for your farm, and gentle temperament is a top factor for you, we’ve got the information you want.

Turkeys are generally social animals. So, after they become domesticated, they usually socialize and get along with humans just fine.

Are Domesticated Turkeys Friendly?

Since turkeys are typically docile and friendly, they make great pets. However, due to their slow growth rate and long lifespan, heritage turkeys are generally better as pets.

What Breed of Turkey Makes the Best Pet?

Beltsville Small White Turkey

8 Friendliest Turkey Breeds  for Your Farm

Bourbon Red Turkey

Bronze Turkey

Midget Small White

Narragansett Turkey

Norfolk Black

Royal Palm Turkey

White Holland

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