Best Farm Dog Breeds for Chickens

Most farm owners have trouble keeping their poultry safe from common predators. Did you know that a dog can be your perfect solution? Purebred livestock guard dogs with a low prey drive are the perfect farm dogs for chickens.

The 8 Best Farm Dog Breeds For Chickens

If you're going to raise chickens on your farm, a dog will do just the trick to protect your hens from dangerous, roaming predators.

Great Pyrenees

Intelligent and kind, the Great Pyrenees is a sound, well-coordinated dog breed initially bred to guard flock alongside shepherds.

They have wonderful, loving personalities and low prey drive, making them a perfect addition to protect your farm chickens.


The Spanish Mastiff is a giant, purebred working guard dog, originally from Spain, and well known for its kind, warm nature, and history of serving as a guardian dog for sheep and livestock.

Spanish Mastiff