Most Expensive Turkey Breeds

If you love Thanksgiving, you are probably a fan of turkey. The meat of certain turkey breeds is considered superior to others, and you will be surprised how much people are willing to pay for the rare meat per pound.

Unlike the broad-breasted breeds that are commercially bred and raised, heritage breeds not only grow and develop slower but their meat is also sought after for its more robust flavor.

. . . heritage turkeys are treasured not only because they are descendants of the flavorful wild turkeys first domesticated in both the Americas and Mexico, but also because they stand out on three basic qualities

Why Are  Heritage Turkeys  So Expensive?

Unlike commercial, broad-breasted breeds, which have undergone selective breeding and can no longer mate naturally but require insemination, heritage turkeys can mate naturally, and they have natural fertility rates around 70 to 80 percent.

They Mate Naturally

Since they are not bred to hit maturity at a younger age, heritage breeds will have a life cycle similar to that of wild turkeys.

They Live Longer

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