7 Best Egg-Laying Chickens for Florida

Here are some of the best egg-laying chickens for Florida for your backyard or growing chicken farm.

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Orpington Chickens

Orpingtons are large birds that lay big eggs. You can expect them to produce around 200 eggs each year and they will stay active on your grass in the middle of the summer or cooler Florida winters.

New Hampshire Red Chickens

Many people in Florida have successfully raised New Hampshire Red chickens because of their well-known heat tolerance. They give you over 200 eggs per year, on average, and they thrive in small areas and on large grazing areas.

Easter Egger Chickens

Easter Eggers earned their name by laying colorful eggs in pink, green, and blue. They produce around 280 eggs per year, so you can pretty much count on one egg per day.

White Leghorn Chickens

Chicken farmers in the U.S., whether they’re in Florida or Oregon, love White Leghorn chickens. A benefit of raising White Leghorns is that they usually begin to lay eggs earlier than other chicken breeds.