11 Dog Breeds

for Duck Hunting

In addition to companionship and protection, some dogs are raised to be hunting companions. These are known as duck dogs.

Although most dogs are trainable, not every dog breed is naturally equipped to be a duck dog. There are a few criteria that breeds should have in order to be good hunters.


Although poodles are commonly raised as show dogs or luxury pets, these fluffy dogs are agile and energetic enough to retrieve ducks in the wild.

American Foxhound

Although these dogs may not look as attractive as other long-haired breeds, American Foxhounds were born for outdoor activities that require frequent running and fetching.

English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels were originally raised for hunting and game activities. In fact, they descended from an old spaniel breed in England raised specifically to hunt, making them great for retrieving ducks in the wild